How Home Health Care Helped My Mom

  • Is It Time To Consider Senior Home Care? Here Are A Few Signs

    17 November 2022

    Senior home care services can provide many benefits for the elderly. These services can help seniors stay in their homes longer, remain independent, and live with dignity. Here are a few key signs that may indicate it's time to consider senior home care services. Your Loved One Struggles with Activities of Daily Living Activities of daily living are the basic tasks people do every day to take care of themselves. They include things like bathing, dressing, eating, using the restroom, and getting around the house.

  • How Home Care Services Help Senior Patients Recover From A Stroke

    2 September 2022

    Suffering a stroke is always a tragic and difficult event for patients and their loved ones. But while strokes can cause permanent damage and major setbacks, they don't have to mean the end of normal life. You can help your loved one recover from a stroke faster and in greater comfort by hiring a senior home care service to help. Read on to find out more about how in-home care can lead to better results for stroke patients.

  • Generational Gaps And Senior Care: What You Need To Know

    27 May 2022

    Many people are living longer these days. Although living longer is ideal, it also means that people may need more assistance as they age. Many would prefer to live independently for as long as they can. Thankfully, there are services in place that can make this happen for in-home senior care providers. Other times, family members step in to help their elderly loved ones with their daily care needs. These family caregivers can often feel some exhaustion, however, because of the generational disparity between parents and children.

  • Why You Should Have Mold Removal Done Before Moving An Elderly Loved One In With You

    11 February 2022

    It's common for elderly loved ones to move in with their younger siblings or even their children as they get too old to care for themselves. Taking an elderly loved one into your home is a great way to help them feel less lonely and safer, and can allow you time to bond with them as well in their older years. You can outfit your home with safety features and handicap-accessible apparatuses to make your elderly loved one feel more comfortable in your home.