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Why You Should Have Mold Removal Done Before Moving An Elderly Loved One In With You

by Stanley Pierce

It's common for elderly loved ones to move in with their younger siblings or even their children as they get too old to care for themselves. Taking an elderly loved one into your home is a great way to help them feel less lonely and safer, and can allow you time to bond with them as well in their older years.

You can outfit your home with safety features and handicap-accessible apparatuses to make your elderly loved one feel more comfortable in your home. Handrails, ramps, and toilet seat cushions can help make everyday living easier on your loved one and can make them living with you a great transition.

Since health and safety are your main goals for your loved one, consider the cleanliness of the air you have in your home as part of your safety measures taken for their care. Mold removal is very important to have done before bringing an elderly loved one in with you, and you may not even realize you have mold in your home until you have a professional inspection. Here are just a few reasons why you want to make sure mold removal is done before you move someone in with you who is older.

Their immune system can be affected

The very old and the very young have weaker immune systems than other age groups. This means the mold in your home might not bother you, but it could cause serious upper respiratory distress to an aging loved one. This is especially the case if your elderly loved one is already on oxygen or has a current condition with their lungs or heart. Your mold removal specialist should remove all mold from your loved one's room and check the kitchen, bathroom, laundry area, basement, and attic for signs of mold as well.

They could be at risk for a fall

Where there is mold, there is moisture. You don't want to create a potentially dangerous wet area for your loved one to fall in, and having someone come to your home to do mold removal will be able to find the parts of your home where water damage and moisture exist. In removing the mold and pointing out where the water may be coming from, you can help make your home less of a fall risk for your elderly loved ones and keep them safe.

When you have mold removal done on your home, you make sure your loved one will have a great environment to live in. Any welfare check can reveal the existence of mold, so have mold removal done before your aging loved one moves in.