How Home Health Care Helped My Mom

  • Why It Might Be Time To Hire In-Home Care Services

    25 November 2020

    If you have an elderly loved one that lives with you or that you check on often and you are concerned about their declining health, you might want to consider in-home care services. It can be hard for many people to know whether it is time to seek outside help, and they might not know the true benefits of this type of service. To help you have a good understanding of why you might want this service for your loved one, you will want to continue reading.

  • Why Choose In Home Care Services For The Senior With Type 2 Diabetes

    28 September 2020

    How can in-home care help your parent or grandparent to manage type 2 diabetes? More than 14 million seniors 65 and over have diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association. If your loved one is aging in place and has diabetes, take a look at what you need to know about home caregiving services. Help with Medications Does your parent or grandparent take medications to control their blood sugar? Common medications patients with type 2 diabetes take include sulfonylureas, metformin, meglitinides, DPP-4 inhibitors, thiazolidinediones, GLP-1 receptor agonists, SGLT2 inhibitors, and insulin.

  • What Are Some Different Types Of Elder Home Care?

    2 July 2020

    As loved ones age, it is often left up to their family members to decide what type of elder care they will receive. It is not uncommon for older people to no longer be able to live alone without someone assisting them with their daily routine. However, it is not always possible for their loved ones who may also be working full time and managing their own households to provide the needed help.

  • In-Home Care To Maintain Overall Independence From Loved Ones

    6 January 2020

    Home care services can provide the extra help you need when you don't want to rely on friends or family members for help. While you may have an adult child willing to take you grocery shopping, you might be concerned about causing a strain on the relationship because you need assistance with other tasks. When you can't seem to get your laundry done, need help with personal care, or want assistance with house cleaning, home care services can have a positive impact.