How Home Health Care Helped My Mom

In-Home Senior Care Supports Greater Mental Health

by Stanley Pierce

Mental health support is just as important as eating well and exercising in terms of overall health. As a person ages, it becomes increasingly harder to get this interaction, but it is vital for a variety of different reasons. 

Memory Decline

The mind is an organ, but its function is similar to a muscle, and as such, it must be used. The less you talk and engage about certain topics, the more likely you are to forget about them. Seniors who miss routine social interaction may be at a greater risk for memory decline. A decline in memory can lead to a variety of long-term risks, which can even involve their ability to live alone independently. Routine interaction is vital to support a strong and highly functional mind. 

Sense of Isolation

Older adults who lack regular social interaction are also at risk of feeling a sense of isolation. Compared to other groups of the population, they are sometimes more likely to have experienced the loss of a spouse and may live alone. It is easy for a person in this group to feel alone and even less valued, which is never a good thing. When a person feels alone, they may be at an even greater risk for depression and other mental health concerns. 

Underlying Disease

When mental health support declines in the elderly, they might also be at an elevated risk for developing certain underlying diseases. For example, when a person feels like they are alone, they might be more apt to stay inside. As a result, they may no longer engage in exercise or take the time to eat well. Both these scenarios can put the person at an elevated risk for medical conditions like hypertension and diabetes, which can prompt a number of dangerous symptoms. 

In-Home Senior Care

In-home senior care is a great tool to help avoid these outcomes mentioned above and improve their overall mental health. While the professionals who provide in-home care are not healthcare providers, the mere fact that they are there to spend time with and engage with seniors can signal marked mental health support. In addition to supporting better mental health, the in-home support provided by these professionals can also give you greater confidence that your loved one is being well taken care of. Whether it is helping your loved one prepare dinner or transporting them to a doctor's appointment, this support is especially helpful.

Again, in-home senior care can aid in supporting your loved one's mental health. Speak with an agency representative to learn more about the options for senior in-home care