How Home Health Care Helped My Mom

Incorporating A Home Health Care Service For Your Medical Needs

by Stanley Pierce

When you are evaluating your options for meeting your health care needs, it can be useful to consider the option of using a home health care provider. These services can offer you a convenient solution to meeting some of your more challenging health care needs in the comfort of your home. The following are some myths about home health care.

Myth: Home Health Care Is For Individuals With Terminal Or Chronic Conditions

There is a belief that a home health care service is only for individuals that are suffering from chronic or terminal conditions that will require near-constant attention. In reality, individuals with varying degrees of health care needs can find these services an effective solution to tier situations. For example, a person that is recovering from a surgery that has a lengthy and disruptive recovery period may benefit from home health care services that can assist them with a number of routine self-care tasks and even assist with physical therapy.

Myth: A Home Health Care Service Will Not Be Flexible With Scheduling

Home health care services will recognize that the needs of their patients can fluctuate over time. This can lead to there being a need for these patients to be able to utilize providers that offer flexible scheduling. As a result, you will be able to adjust the frequency, duration, and intensity of your home health care visits to account for changing care needs. For those with chronic conditions, this can make it possible for them to adjust their level of care during periods when their conditions are especially disruptive. While flexible scheduling is usually offered by these services, it will still be necessary to follow the service's protocols for adjusting their scheduled health care visits. Otherwise, the service may not dispatch a provider with the necessary skills or equipment to meet your current health needs.

Myth: A Home Health Care Service Can Handle Any Of Your Medical Needs

A home health care service will be able to provide support and assistance with meeting many of the more common types of needs that clients may have. However, there are limits to the type of care that these providers will be able to offer. For example, most home health care services will lack the resources to perform thorough diagnostics of the patient's condition. Rather, they can assist the patient with following the care plan prepared by their doctor, which can include taking medications, performing home exercises, and monitoring vital signs. More intensive care that may be required will likely be referred to the patient's primary doctor.

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