How Home Health Care Helped My Mom

Why Getting The Same Home Health Care Workers Is Vital For Seniors

by Stanley Pierce

If you are currently looking into home health care services for your senior parent, there will be a lot of different aspects and factors you will need to consider as you select a company to provide services. One of the most important aspects you should look into is the ability to have the same employees visit your parent each day. The consistency of this may help your parent cope with this change in life, and here are several reasons it is important for seniors to receive care from the same person each day.

The employees know your parent's exact needs

The first reason having the same people come to your parent's home for each visit is important is for better services. If a different employee shows up each day to help your parent, they will have trouble knowing exactly what your parent needs. On the other hand, if you can limit the services to one or two people that come all the time, these individuals will get very familiar with your parent. They will know what your parent needs help with, and they will know your parent's preferences on things. This will essentially provide your parent with the best services possible.

Your parent will feel more comfortable and happy

The second thing to consider is the comfort of your parent. Your parent is likely to feel a lot more comfortable and confident with the services if they are provided by someone he or she knows. As the same worker comes to help your parent each day, your parent will get to know this person, and your parent might even start looking forward to the daily visits from the employee.

It creates consistency in your parent's life

Consistency in a senior's life is vital, especially for a person that is beginning to suffer from memory loss. Familiar places and faces will help your parent's brain functions, and this could actually help decrease memory loss. Seniors that are taken various places or exposed to a lot of different people can easily become confused. With the same one or two faces showing up each day, your parent is likely to be less confused about this. This may reduce stress in your parent's life, and it might even give your parent an increased sense of security in life.

If your parent needs help around the house, you can look into home health services. As you select a company, make sure you ask a lot of questions and find one that is willing to send the same employees to your parent's house each day.