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Three Things To Know If You Plan To Tip Your Home Health Aide

by Stanley Pierce

Having a health aide visit your home throughout the week can help you keep some degree of your independence as you age. If you're really pleased with the quality of the care that the aide provides you, you might consider giving a tip to express your gratitude. However, you might also be unsure about whether tipping is permitted in this industry. Generally, you don't tip after each visit but it's acceptable to tip around the holidays. Here are three other things that you should know about tipping your home health aide.

It's A Good Idea To Confirm The Agency's Policy

As the holidays approach and you begin to think about tipping, your first priority should be to determine whether the health agency that employs the aide has a tipping policy. Some agencies request that their employees do not accept tips, while others suggest that tipping is not expected but appropriate if a client wishes to recognize care that is above and beyond the call of duty. It's important to call the agency's head office to confirm your best course of action – you don't want to embarrass the aide by offering a tip if it's not allowed.

A Gift Is More Appropriate Than A Tip

When it comes to recognizing the efforts of your home health aide as the holidays approach, think about giving a thoughtful gift instead of tip. This approach allows you to show that you know the person and is more creative than simply handing him or her some cash. Think about your interactions with the health aide over the course of the year; ideally, you'll have had the chance to learn a bit about the aide's interests and can buy a gift accordingly. If you're not sure what exactly to get, a gift card is always a safe bet. Consider a gift card for a supermarket, gas station or popular online retailer.

Think Of The Factors That Influence The Gift

Your budget plays a key role in determining how generous your gift will be; otherwise, it's valuable to consider the approach that the health aide has consistently taken with your care. You can think of getting a generous gift if the aide has always practiced patience with you and consistently taken the time to visit with you despite his or her busy schedule, for example.

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